we supply the little things
that are the big things to your customers

Chlorine-free hygiene products for food safe premises, commercial dishwashers and glasswashers with a 24-hour support service for spotlessly clean tableware, and everything that's needed for clean, comfortable and well-stocked bathrooms.

Food hygiene experts

We understand precisely how to support New Zealand’s cafés, bars and restaurants run smoothly, safely, successfully – and legally.

Our 24/7 services let you get on with serving the country’s finest food and beverages, while we help you meet your Food Act hygiene regulations behind the scenes.

Café Depot has just opened in Auckland, Hamilton & Christchurch to join Wellington in providing nationwide service!

The Set Menu

The Set Menu is your choice of kitchen and bathroom services and sustainable consumables which we restock onsite to save you time – all for a low, fixed weekly cost.

This deal that's tailor-made exactly to your needs is hard to beat, and it’s proving wildly popular for good reason: it’s cutting overheads for hospitality businesses all over the country!

Check out The Set Menu to see what we offer.

Being experts in the field, we know that your dishwasher and glasswasher are at the heart of the successful operation of your café, bar or restaurant – so we’re here for support and service 24/7.

Our best-practice kitchen hygiene products are specially formulated to our high standards and manufactured right here in New Zealand for consistently safe food practices.

For many people, a pleasant bathroom experience is an integral part of their overall enjoyment of your café, bar or restaurant.

We supply and service instant hot/chilled water systems for commercial offices.